Piraeus ACT Services

A valuable ally for the growth of your business

Nowadays, adverse financial circumstances of involve threats and opportunities; they require organization, planning, reshuffling, economies of scale and, at the same time, an open mindset towards new challenges. Within this environment, a new company is here for you to transform the recession into an opportunity. Piraeus ACT Services.

Who is Piraeus ACT Services

Piraeus ACT Services develops, for the first time in Greece in such a wide spectrum, the international practice of supporting businesses through the method of outsourcing – the assignment of the business’s operations to third parties, ensuring up-to-date specialized know-how while decreasing their operating costs.

The clientele of Piraeus ACT Services encompasses all the companies of Piraeus Bank Group.

By your side, in every issue

Piraeus ACT Services is now your own dynamic ally. It can specify your needs and issues and orient you towards solutions which open up new paths for growth.

Piraeus ACT Services can support you in the full range of your financial needs, not just by consulting you, but also by incorporating in your business’s workforce specialized executives who are collaborating with you like your own people.

24 Jul 2013

24 Jul 2013

24 Jul 2013